The appreciation of the dollar and Euro has already begun to significantly beat the wallets of Ukrainians

The Euro in Ukraine has broken a new record – more than 35 UAH per unit. The dollar is also rising rapidly. During the first two weeks of the new year it went up by 59 cents. 1 January the national Bank of Ukraine has set the rate of 28.06 UAH, today, January 17, – of 28.65 UAH.

This has led to price increases for most products and goods. What to expect and whether the Bank of England, said in the story of the program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Currency fluctuations already affect the grocery price tags. For example, a kilogram of bananas cost in Kiev 36-38 UAH, and now – 43 UAH.

Especially in the price rose technique. But first of all reacted fuel because its price depends on currency exchange rates and world prices of oil, which is expensive.

But there are those who openly enjoys raising prices. Because someone has a salary in dollars, and someone bought equipment or mobile phone a few months ago, and now prices have increased to several thousand.

However, most salaries are tied to the national currency, not the dollar.

In exchange, the lack of work.

“Almost no people. Already a week and a half is very difficult exhausted over the holidays,” says the cashier exchanger Eugene.

Economic experts good forecasts local currency do not give. The US dollar exchange rate in Ukraine will exceed UAH 29, and in a year will amount to 29.3 UAH. Such opinions were expressed by top managers of Ukrainian enterprises in the survey, which was conducted by the national Bank.

But panic is not necessary. Remember – keep the money in the currency in which you are going to spend it. But the savings on large purchases should be divided into several currencies. After all, any economist will not give an accurate forecast for several years ahead.

Note that the increase of the Euro may result in higher prices for gas for Ukrainians.

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