More than 20 million pledge: “tip” of the municipal enterprises of the Lviv deputies sent into custody

Solomensky regional court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint four were detained on suspicion of misappropriation of more than 300 million cubic meters of natural gas “Naftogaz of Ukraine” in the amount of over UAH 1.4 billion.

About it report “Our money”.

As noted, the judge appointed adviser to the Director of the “Energy” Igor Kuchma, which is representative of beneficiaries all enterprises involved in the case, people’s deputies from BPP Bogdan and Yaroslav Dubravica, and of which the consequence considers as the organizer of the scheme, two months of detention with the possibility of additional UAH 5 million bail. According to the investigation, Kuchma fully controls the activity of “Energy-a New Section” and OOO “Energiya-Novoyavorivsk”.

Another detainee, the head of OOO “Energy-a New Section” Igor Artemko taken into custody with the alternative of making UAH 10 million bail. His Deputy Igor Ilkiv assigned detention with the pledge of UAH 3.4 million, and CFO, OOO Oleg pavlyshyn is – detention with a security Deposit of UAH 2 million.

In turn, the NAB and the ARS requested the court to appoint Kuchma Deposit of 230 million UAH. According to the Prosecutor, Kuchma ignored all calls to NABOO and during the search he did not find his passport, currently, the whereabouts of defendant unknown.

Besides, during a search at office of “Energy” in the safe Kuchma was withdrawn at 1.14 million Euro 136 thousand dollars and several million, all the money were arrested in the framework of criminal proceedings.

Protection Kuchma denies his involvement in the crime.

We will remind, on January 16 in Lviv was detained by officials of the municipal enterprises for the suspicion of large-scale theft of gas.

We will remind, investigation detectives Bureau began in December 2016, according to the materials of NTRAK and the media. In August 2017 NABU has received permission for withdrawal of original documentsin the possession of NTRAK, and can be a direct evidence regarding manipulation of the amount of subsidised gas to Novoyavorovskoe CHP.

We will note, owners of “Energy-New Section” is “APT “Lviv” (90,05%) and urban SCE”, Resultimplementing” (9,95%). “Energiya-Novoyavorivsk” belongs to “AMS “Lviv” (92,36%), MKP “Novoyavorovskoe” (3,15%), Novoyavorovskoe KP “City electric networks” (4,49%). The beneficial owners of all businesses are people’s deputies from BPP brothers Bogdan and Yaroslav Dubnevichi.

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