The President’s wife got a new job

Today, January 19, the President’s wife Marina Poroshenko became President of the Ukrainian cultural Fund.

Before that, her candidacy was supported by all members of the Supervisory Board of the Fund. The order of appointment was signed by the Minister of culture Evgeny nisoc, reports the press service of the Ministry. What will be the size of her salary is unknown.

“I am convinced that the Ukrainian cultural Fund will contribute to the modernization of the cultural sector, to support the cultural development of communities in a decentralized environment, to integrate the national idea in the country, to encourage the development of creative young generation, to support start-UPS of cultural and artistic projects through a transparent system of competitions, to develop the research activities of the art community, as well as to cooperate with the Ukrainian Diaspora and to present a positive image of Ukraine in the world. Counting on the support and understanding of the entire cultural community and believe that together we will conscientiously work for the sake of preserving, updating and promotion of national cultural heritage,” said Marina Poroshenko.

Now will look for another candidate for the position of Executive Director of the Foundation. Competitive selection will take place from 22 January to 2 February.

“Culture sphere of life, which is extremely important for our society, and that issues of culture today is not only in the field of view of a cultural community, and on the agenda of the first persons of the state, signals a qualitative change of the formation of a Mature society. In cooperation we I am sure will achieve great success and qualitative changes,” – said Nyshchuk.

We will remind, the law “On the Ukrainian cultural Fund” the Verkhovna Rada adopted March 23, 2017.

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