In Ukraine, private entrepreneurs will not be forced to install payment terminals

The Ministry will oblige sellers and service providers to provide customers with the possibility of cashless payment, but will not require mandatory installation of payment terminals.

About it informs the press service of the Ministry of economic development and trade.

“The regulation obliges the sellers and service providers to provide customers with the ability to pay for goods or services by card: or using electronic payment instruments and payment devices, or through electronic payment services”, – stated in the message.

“It does not oblige all businesses to install payment terminals. Entrepreneurs can arrange payment with services that do not require physical payment devices,” the Ministry said.

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5 September 2017, 10:01

“For example, payment can be made via Internet banking, payment services online using mVisa, a QR code, through a transfer from card to card, etc”, – stated in the message.

The decree also simplifies the use of conventional payment terminals: entrepreneurs will not be obliged to buy them, but will be able to rent these devices or even get them for free in terms of acquiring banks.

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“In addition, some entrepreneurs can use a single terminal, because the technological feasibility of transfers to different accounts through one device has long been realized by manufacturers and banks,” said the company.

Also the introduction of responsibilities of non-cash payments does not limit entrepreneurs to use cash within the existing rules.

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