The head of “Naftogaz” told what decisions should be made by the arbitration case against Gazprom

Naftogaz of Ukraine” hopes that the Stockholm arbitration court makes a decision that will allow him to change the number of significant terms of the agreement with Russian “Gazprom” for gas transit through the territory of Ukraine.

This broadcast “5 channel” said the head of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andriy KOBOLEV.

“The first aspect is the tariff for the future. The second aspect is the possibility for Naftogaz to transfer the contract for gas transit to the new operator, i.e. complete the process of separating the transmission system from the group of “Naftogaz”. “Gazprom” refuses to do so, and the question is whether to allow the arbitration to give “Naftogaz” such a unilateral right,” – said KOBOLEV.

The head of “Naftogaz” also hopes that the Tribunal will be on the side of Ukraine to unlock virtual gas flows. This will allow “Naftogaz” to “freely dispose of the gas which passes through the territory of Ukraine, without asking permission from Gazprom.

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At the same time, according to KOBOLEV, if the arbitration would not allow “Naftogaz” to change the counterparty to enter into a contract with “Gazprom” the new operator of the gas transportation system, it will complicate the process of attracting European operator to manage the Ukrainian GTS.

At the same time the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has dismissed “Naftogaz” from negotiations with potential European companies that could become partners for the management of gas transportation system.

“Today “Naftogaz of Ukraine” is excluded from the negotiation process with foreign partners. We don’t take part in it. Now it is the prerogative of the government, a working group headed by Mr. Kistion (Deputy Prime Minister-Minister Vladimir Kistion). Today I do not know how deeply moved by the working group. Are there any specific results? Are there new investors who are willing to do something?”, – said Kobolyev.

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Recall, 22 December, “Naftogaz” received the final decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the contract for the purchase of gas. This writes UNIAN. According to the company, the arbitration has satisfied all the requirements of the Ukrainian side reduced the price of the gas it purchased from Gazprom in the second quarter of 2014, 27.4% to 352 dollars per thousand cubic meters; dismissed the claims of the Russian side to buy gas on a “take or pay” in the amount of $ 56 billion. Arbitration also reduced the amount of gas that “Naftogaz” in the years 2018-2019 will be required to buy from “Gazprom”, from 52 to 5 billion cubic meters per year.

According to the transit contract, which was concluded in 2009, “Gazprom” had to be transported through Ukraine 110 billion cubic meters per year. As this condition was not fulfilled, Naftogaz demands in court to collect from the Russian company $ 16 billion. Publication of the arbitration decision in the contract for the transit are due on 28 February 2018.

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