The index of big Mac: the dollar in Ukraine has to cost 8, 9 hryvnia

Ukrainian hryvnia recognized the most undervalued currency in the world.

This follows from currency index the big Mac, which for the past 32 years sostavljaet Economist. The basis of the rating put the theory of purchasing power parity. The index is used as a humorous indicator of the value of the currency.

In January 2018 the average cost of a big Mac in the U.S. “McDonald’s” was $ 5.28 USD. This price and are based. In China a big Mac costs 3.17 the dollar, that is, the yuan is undervalued by 40%.

In Ukraine, a big Mac now costs 1.64 dollar. That is, the hryvnia is undervalued against the dollar by 69%. Accordingly, the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine should be 8.9 UAH, and not three times higher than it is now.

We will remind, four years ago, the big Mac in the Ukrainian McDonald’s cost 2.27 dollar, while the United States is 4.62 USD. That is, the torque was underestimated by 51% and then the dollar was worth UAH 4,11, and not of 8.38 UAH.

The current index, the big Mac indicates that the currencies of three countries – Sweden, Switzerland and Norway – are overrated.



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