Sex tape: how new technologies allow you to portray a celebrity in adult films

Recently, a video editor under the nickname “deepfake” created a few clips of pornographic content with the participation of famous stars. All that he needed: a computer, several programs, publicly available videos and a little time. Thus, the user only properly framed to the body of the porn actress the face of a celebrity.

According to the publication Motherboard user created porn with Taylor swift, Gal gadot (the heroine of the film “Wonder woman”), the star of “Game of thrones” and “Doctor Who” Maisie Williams and many other celebrities.

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Recently, the replacement of the persons in the videos with pornographic content was not uncommon. People who possess skills in computer and normal computer technology can easily create a believable adult movies with the most famous persons in the world. In the next photo, for example, the video editor has replaced face porn actress for the main character the 7 and 8 episodes of “Star wars” Daisy Ridley:
Change of persons in a porn movie

The true face of Ridley:

Daisy Ridley

In the next photo you can see how the actress, like the heroine of “Fantastic four” Jessica Alba, gradually undresses in the street. In fact, the master of video editing simply framed the face of the star the body porn actress:

Change of persons in a porn movie

Online stores smartphones more and more apps that also allow you to change the person, but the quality of the result is not very high. However, with the development of mobile technologies, these tools become much more professional and will soon allow ordinary users to change the person as they want.

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Such technologies could be used in the classic film industry. One of the masters of the video editing & authoring. noted that the change of parties could be applied in the movie “the Rebellious One. Star wars”, whose budget amounted to more than $ 200 million. In one of the scenes depicts a young Princess Leia, which for years played Carrie Fisher (she died in 2016). For the image of her young face, the creators have used expensive technologies, however, according to videomaster, this could be done in 20 minutes with a help of free programs.
Top: the original film. Bottom: cheap computer technology

We will remind, the Ukrainian has received worldwide recognition after the girl from Coloma created app to the smartphone, which Apple recognized as one of the best in the whole of last year.

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