The emergence of a Javelin in Ukraine may force Russia to revise the behavior – the former commander of US forces

Anti-tank missile systems Javelinthat Ukraine will receive from US will be able to force Russia to reconsider its views regarding the conflict in the Donbass, said during a briefing the former commander of the US army in Europe Ben Godzhes.

“I don’t know how the Ukrainians use them, but I am convinced that the Russians will track the location of Javelin, because it is a very efficient system that can change how someone perceives the situation. Now the Russians will know that Ukraine has a Javelin. This, I believe, will make them and the separatists to reconsider their actions,” he said.

And also added that the presence of a Javelin can force the enemy to abandon the tactics of capture of the Ukrainian territory at opportune moments.

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Georgia got the first batch of American Javelin systems

Before that Godzhes said that fears about the possible loss of American weapons, which will give Ukraine soldiers during clashes in the Donbas are useless. He is confident that the military is wise to dispose of new possibilities.

Recall that the US defense budget provides for Ukraine assistance in the amount of $ 350 million. In the list of possible supplies, among others, were also anti-tank missiles Javelin, write the American media. They can provide assuming that they will be used away from the contact line in order not to fall into the hands of militants.

Videoroliki in the Donbass waiting for the first of this year’s so-called “gumanoy” from Russia

Bandits controlled media reported that nearly 300 tons of cargo, the Russian curators will deliver on the occupied territory tomorrow. This, they say, are food, medicine, and the mysterious so-called “trust goods”. These convoys are illegal.

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