Whether Ukrainian food prices are approaching European. Experiment

More than half of their monthly income – 57% of Ukrainians spend on food. The prices of some products are equal to the European. While domestic milk is even more expensive than in neighboring Poland. At the same time Europeans spend on food 14-18% of their income.

Such information was published by the Economic discussion club.

The journalists of the program “snidanok z “1+1” has decided to check whether Ukrainian prices are approaching European – made grocery shopping in the supermarkets of Kiev, Poland and Spain. Everywhere bought the same set – half a kilo of beef, kilogram of potatoes, butter and milk.

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In Kiev for all together paid UAH 193 62 kopecks., where 120 UAH – half a kilo of beef, UAH 26 – milk. In terms of the total amount is 5 euros 30 cents.

In Poland a similar set of products cost 22 zlotys – that is, 5 euros 70 cents.

In Barcelona this food basket cost 7 euros.

The most expensive products ended up in Spain. But in the Polish market, the prices are almost the same as in Ukraine. Oil and potatoes in Ukraine is cheaper than in Europe. Beef is almost the same. But the price of domestic milk is really breaking records. Experts attribute – value increased due to the reduction in the number of cows and thus reduce yields.

Therefore we can conclude that the prices of the products Ukraine is rapidly approaching the European countries, and some even surpassed. And this despite the fact that the level of income of citizens of Ukraine occupies the last place in Europe.

This year, food prices in Ukraine will grow to 15%, experts predict. Especially notable inflation can be, if the IMF will not give the country another loan.

Remind, in Ukraine increased retail turnover.

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