“Ukrainians are able to understand”. Rozenko has responded to the law banning “Bandera ideology”

In Ukrainian-Polish the dialogue is much more that unite, which relate to the present and the future of the two States.

This broadcast “5 channel” said Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko, reports his press-service.

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“They applauded Moscow”: in the OUN want an apology from Poland for a ban on “Bandera ideology”

“Despite the fact that various political forces, which are on both sides, constantly trying to ignore the relations of Ukraine and Poland somewhere back in time to the authorities of the two countries engaged in a historic showdown on “who started first and who is more guilty”, I am convinced that we in the Ukrainian-Polish dialogue far more the fact that unite, which relate to the present and the future of the two States is economic, and humanitarian cooperation and social services and the like,” he said.

According to Rozenko, the nature of political processes and individual statements of Polish politicians on Ukraine is quite clear.

Vice Prime Minister stressed that despite the statements that were heard for the last six months in Ukraine, the Ukrainian side has always demonstrated openness in its policy towards Poland.

PAVLO ROZENKO: HISTORY of UKRAINE, WE WILL WRITE IN KIEV Despite the fact that various political forces are constantly trying …

Published by the Press-service Pavel Rozenko 1 February 2018.

“We never dared to interfere in the internal politics of Poland, to indicate where to go and what to do. We were most correct in this situation, knowing that Poland is our ally, one of the first States that recognized our independence in 1991 and is today consistently supports Ukraine in war with Russia”, – he added.

Rozenko said that the round of discussions was very broad.

“We don’t like to “dwell” on the past. For their part, our colleagues and friends need to understand that the history of Ukraine in Moscow once wrote, so now the history of Ukraine we are going to write in Kiev, the Ukrainians themselves are able to deal with pleasant and unpleasant moments and to shape their historical truth”, – said Vice Prime Minister.

Videoseat of Poland adopted the controversial law on Ukrainian nationalists

There now will be punished for denying that the Ukrainian nationalists in the last century committed crimes against the poles. Polish politicians have made amendments to the law on the Institute of national remembrance. A fine or deprivation of liberty for a term up to three years threatens those who support the actions of the OUN and the UPA, which the poles considered criminal.

TSN. Rankas’

Today, 09:27

We will remind, today, on the 1st of February, about three o’clock Kyiv time The Polish Senate adopted without amendment law about the Institute of national remembrance in Poland. The document provides for criminal liability for denial of crimes of Ukrainian nationalists against the poles.

January 26, the Polish Sejm adopted the law on amendments to the law on the Institute of national remembrance. The bill consists of two parts. The first is that the accountability will involve all who objects, supports or promotes criminal, according to poles, the actions of the OUN and UPA. The law concerns the definition of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists and Ukrainian organizations that collaborated with the Third Reich. In the second group of changes we are talking about criminal liability of persons who denigrate the role of Poland in the Second world war, for example, write about “Polish death camps”.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that deep is concerned about the adoption by the Sejm of this law. Israel has urged Poland to amend the bill. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he instructed his Ambassador to meet with the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawski to Express objections to the bill which provides punishment till three years of imprisonment for using phrases such as “Polish death camps”.

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