Lutsenko said that Yanukovych and “family” organized scheme “towers Boyko”

Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and his cronies organized scheme the theft of money “Naftogaz” and “Chornomornaftogaz” in 2011.

This was during the briefing said the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, according to espresso.

In particular, Lutsenko told about intermediate results of the investigation of the so-called towers quickly.

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According to him, the GPU has multiple testimony and other evidence, which suggests that in the period from 2011-2013 was illegal transaction of public funds of “Naftogaz” and “Chernomorneftegaz”. Responsibility for the crimes carried people from the inner circle of Yanukovych.

One of the witnesses pointed to the fact that the allocation of these funds is then directly engaged with Yanukovych, the head of national Bank Sergey Arbuzov, the owner of the Riga company the Riga Shipyard Vasily Melnik, Chairman of the Board of “Naftogaz” Eugene Bakulin, Deputy Gennady Yuriev and Evgeny Korniychuk, the head of the Board of “Chernomorneftegaz” Valery Yasiuk and others.

From the investigation it became known that Yanukovych in December 2010, together with the delegation went to Latvia for networking. There was held a meeting with Vasily Melnik. Then with him and agreed that he controlled the company will assist in illegally purchasing “Naftogaz” of drilling machines.

Video settings the case of the “Boyko towers” was named the first defendants

In 2010, Chornomornaftogaz bought two gozaburo installation over almost 400 million dollars, but paid for them twice more. The rest of the money sent to the offshore company in Belize, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, etc. That the criminal proceedings are investigated for 7 years. Recent years, the case traveled units of the GPU and only now appeared the first real defendants.

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The cost of the equipment, which cost from $150 million to $300 million, wanted to raise $150 million, of which $130 million was supposed to Yanukovych and associates, and $20 million, probably Miller. Watermelons, as the then head of the national Bank, provided to “Naftogaz” of $800 million for the purchase of these plants.

Lutsenko also added that the GPU at this stage of the investigation has no proofs of participation of the leader of the faction “the Opposition bloc” Yuriy Boyko to the corruption scheme related to the purchase of two jackup rigs, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

“Mr. Boyko, from the first moment of excitation of this criminal case is the defendant. He was questioned, and will go, but until we have direct evidence of his involvement, except for one important point, when he signed the amendment of the financial plan. At the moment we have no evidence that he was aware of the criminal scheme, and there is no evidence that he received money in a criminal way”, – said Lutsenko.

We will remind, in 2011 the state enterprise “Chernomorneftegaz” has acquired two deep-water rigs at $ 400 million each. Deals were made through intermediaries, which gave reason to suspect corruption. In 2013 the Norwegian firm Ferncliff reported that in 2012 sold the rig through its subsidiary firm directly to Naftogaz for $ 220 million, while Naftogaz stated that it had acquired it through Riga shipyard for $ 400 million. Boiko was appointed Minister of energy in 2011 and his name drilling platforms dubbed “towers quickly”. In addition, there are indirect signs that Boyko is related to this corrupt transaction.

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