The health Ministry told about the situation with infectious diseases in the capital and how to protect yourself from them

At the slightest sign of SARS, flu or other infectious diseases should stay home and call a doctor.

This said the Director of the Department of health Valentyna Ginzburg, the press service of the KSCA.

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According to her, the time that the incidence of, for example, SARS is now below the epidemic threshold, still there is some growth – in particular, by 25% among students. Only in the last week of January, fell ill about 6 thousand inhabitants of the capital, and from 195 hospitalized – 134 of the child.

According to the Department of health is not critical, but calls attention to the situation with the incidence of other infectious diseases that transmitted by airborne droplets. Since the beginning of 2018, as of the morning of 1 February in the capital was 150 cases of measles among which 95 are children. With a diagnosis of chickenpox is currently in city hospitals there are 28 of Kiev, most of them 20 people are adults.

Videomedia said that in February, expect the peak incidence of influenza

Will circulate three strains of the virus – Brisben, pandemic of swine and Hong Kong, it is the most common in Europe, including in Ukraine. Doctors urge not to self-medicate and when the first symptoms to see a doctor.

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“If you or your child suffers symptoms such as headache, muscle pain, sore throat, cough, runny nose or stuffy nose is the reason for an immediate medical examination. The particular importance of this axiom becomes when it comes to children,” said Ginsburg.

She noted that often the more characteristic symptoms (e.g., rash, fever) may not appear right away, or first to be generally invisible. However, the man is already a distributor of a dangerous virus.

Infections are the most common now SARS, measles, chickenpox occurs mainly by droplet infection from another person.

Regarding prevention, it is advised to maximally restricted from visiting of places of a mass congestion of people (first of all, this recommendation is to stay indoors). To air rooms more often at work and at home. Several times a day to do wet cleaning, especially when the house is sick. Wash hands regularly with soap, avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth.

“Often breathe fresh air, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly – in the case of sickness, stay home, do not self-medicate, and carefully follow all the doctors’ orders,” concluded Ginsburg.

Earlier it was reported that part of Ukrainian schools has announced an extraordinary vacation. All due to the outbreak of influenza and SARS. Epidemology of influenza in these areas have not been exceeded. However, the teachers decided to play it safe.


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