Became known, how many people of Kiev had measles in 2018

Since the beginning of 2018 in Kiev was recorded 150 cases measles.

This was announced by the Director of the Department of health of Kyiv city state administration Valentina Ginzburg, writes UKRINFORM.

“As of the morning of 1 February in the capital was 150 cases of measles among which 95 are children,” she sauvie.

According to her, despite the fact that the incidence of, for example, SARS is below the epidemic threshold, the same for the last week of January fell sick about six thousand inhabitants of the capital, and from 195 hospitalized – 134 of the child.

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Just in the last week for viral infection sore almost 900 people, among them more than half – children. In just the last six months due to an infection died eight Ukrainians. After agitirovaniya of the Ministry of health over the past few weeks, the level of vaccinated people with catastrophic 45% were able to raise to 93%.

TSN. Rankas’

31 Jan, 08:56

Recall from the beginning of 2018 in Transcarpathia was the 242 cases of measles. 70% of those measles that do not have vaccinations, and infection-intensive distributed among non-vaccinated individuals. most suffer from measles in Uzhgorod, Tyachiv, Vynohradiv districts and Uzhgorod.

22 Jan schools in Tyachiv district of Transcarpathia declared quarantine from-for growth of number of patients with measles.

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