In Ukraine, eliminate Pension Fund management: how to change the lives of seniors

Territorial administration Pension fund are in a state of liquidation, according to Today.

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However, such a radical change was planned long ago. They are fixed in the Strategy of modernization and development of the Pension Fund until 2020, approved by the Cabinet in September 2016.

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October 11, 2017, 12:47

As it turned out, as a result of modernization the usual territorial administration of PF are abolished. Instead, they will receive “agent points” at the service of citizens.

And if earlier in a city or district was one of the territorial office of the Pension Fund, the agent points will be few. To register or to renew the pension will be in the near of them.

And to be these agent points will no longer be in designated buildings or offices, but in other organizations, enterprises and institutions. Including post offices, banks, big enterprises and organizations.

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According to the Pension Fund in Chernivtsi region the pension service is already running on this model of remote jobs of inspectors. Now activities on modernization of the structure of the Pension Fund are held in Kherson, Cherkasy, Khmelnytsky, Kirovohrad and Lviv regions. In 2017 opened around 500 agent points PFCs. About the same will appear this year.

Due to this restructuring, the Pension Fund aims to significantly reduce administrative costs, i.e. the costs. It is clear that after the merger of the departments reduced the number of managers, heads of departments, accountants and technical staff.

In addition, the Pension Fund intends to withdraw from the operation of those buildings, which today houses the control PF. The Fund noted that in many of these buildings it is impossible to create comfortable conditions for European visitors. In addition, they require considerable sums for the payment of rent, repairs and so on.

Created thanks to the network agent points to the need for these buildings will disappear. Remaining after the “optimization” of the user will move to the integrated unit of the Pension Fund, and the inspectors will conduct reception in the Agency points.

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