Unpleasant, but structurally: the Ambassador of Ukraine conducted educational work with the German MPs on trips to the Crimea

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrey Melnik said the leadership of the faction Alternative for Germany in the land Parliament of North District-Westphalia about the dangers of visits to Russia-occupied Crimea.

The Ambassador said that the conversation in düsseldorf on Tuesday, February 6, was unpleasant, but constructive and well-reasoned”, according to the UKRINFORM.

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“The impression that the conversation went good. Next time deputies will think twice before accepting such invitations. A good educational job to brainwash”, he added.

Miller believes that he managed to convey the position of Ukraine, as a result, the members of the faction confirmed that distanciruemsa from his own party and that the mandate had no.

Had to perform the unpleasant but useful mission – to insert the brains of the leadership of the AfD faction in the Parliament Lower Rhine-Westphalia for criminal voyage to the Crimea, their adventurous colleagues think, our cold shower worked. The party has publicly dissociated itself from the https://t.co/wLxzVtCb3B

— Andrij Melnyk (@MelnykAndrij) 7 Feb 2018

Recall that in the occupied Crimea arrived the delegation of German deputies of regional parliaments. The delegation included deputies from the party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) of the regional parliaments of Berlin, Brandenburg and Rhine-Westphalia. Arrived in the Crimea the German MPs said that they are not worried about the threat to be banned on the mainland of Ukraine.

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