“Ashamed” or “not remember” how the MPs has responded to higher wages in January

Elected officials received elevated in the new year wages for January however frankly to hear amounts are few of them. The majority of politicians in General pretended that the money they are not interested, says the story TSN.19:30.

“In January very much. I am ashamed to say. How people live and how these politicians live in is called heaven and earth. About 70 thousand hryvnias. I don’t know, given” – said Bakhteyeva. “I have not received”, – said Sergey Kivalov. The same thing was said Mikhail Gavrilyuk and ran away from further questions.

Videodatarate are unable to admit how much I earn after the wage increase

The MPs for the New year received a special gift – a wage increase. Dimensions of parliamentary revenues reach 80 thousand hryvnia per month, payments are repeated. However, the deputies hesitate to call these figures or say that they are even not interested in the size of their salaries. Daria Lucky tried to press them in frankness amounts.

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On low memory complained Dmitry Linko. “Well, roughly, in the area of 28 thousand, on my salary,” he said. And then added that about the same amount counted and other payments, except the rate. Vasily nimchenko in response to the question said that haven’t looked at the salary. “You want me to tell you by heart now told? Don’t know, honestly, I need to improve”, – agrees with his colleague Viktor Bondar. “In January, still not received”, – said Anton Kisse, and added that his salary is 17 thousand hryvnias. And then said he did not remember how much was in January.

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During the communication with the deputies, the journalists returned Kivalov – he remembered he earned for the month 34 thousand hryvnia. The same, he said, are issued for the implementation of parliamentary powers. Denis Silant’ev recalled the figure of “about 30”. “We have not much increased wages,” – said Yuriy Pavlenko.

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“They’re lying, then. Some were for 85, 90 thousand”, – said Bakhteyeva announced figures.

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