Lutsenko told, what should be the new party of power

Public prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko advocates the establishment of a new political force, which should join the unadulterated party members of the PPB, “the popular front” and Blow.

He stated this in an interview TSN.ia.

“My fundamental position and advice: everyone who works for the country would have to create a United centrist political force. It should not be neither the PPB nor the “popular front” or a BLOW with all due respect to members and leaders of these parties. Trust limit to him, all exhausted. But this does not mean that the limit is exceeded to many who are inside,” said the Prosecutor General.

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Lutsenko said that the new force should get a new name and new faces.

“For example, my good friend, the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov. He really did a lot for the city. He’s one of the highest ratings of the mayors of major centres. And he asked me, “Why there is no clear platform without dialogex fireworks, but those who do the work. I am ready to go with anyone who will help the Dnieper,” – he said.

Lutsenko also pakrasi that voiced this idea to the President and all the leaders of the BPP, NF and STROKE.

On the question of who opposes such unions, the attorney General said: “In Ukraine had such logical plans do not implement just. Then begins the conversation about how together, what ratio, percent who will lead, who will be many people in the Politburo. Well this is logical and this is not about me.”

The full interview TSN.ia with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, read the link.

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