The airport “Borispol” received a record profit for all the years of work

By the end of 2017 state airport “Boryspil” has received profit in amount of 4 billion UAH 97 million. After taxes amounted to 2 billion 114 million UAH.

It has set a new record for all the years of existence of the airport. About it reports “Center of transport strategies”.

The financial performance of the International airport “Borispol”


Two thousand fourteen

Two thousand fifteen

Two thousand sixteen

Two thousand seventeen


1 billion 823 million UAH

3 billion 81 million UAH

3 billion 617 million UAH

4 billion UAH 97 million

Profit/loss after tax

The net loss of 138 million UAH

Profit 859 million UAH

Profit of 1 billion 697 million UAH

Profit of 2 billion 114 million UAH



2 billion 222 million UAH

1 billion 920 million UAH

1 billion 983 million UAH

The average salary



9080 UAH

12240 UAH

In the past year on the development of airport infrastructure has written to 457 million, of which 245 million UAH – for construction and 154 million – on acquisition of fixed assets.

In addition, the company in 2017 and implemented 1 billion 907 million UAH payments to the state. This included 1 billion 251 million of dividends 281 million UAH of income tax, 247 million UAH of a tax on income of natural persons and social security, UAH 128 million of other payments. Last year the total amount of payments to the state amounted to 1 billion 560 million UAH, of which 804 million UAH were dividends.

Recall that in 2017, the airport “Borispol” served 10 million 554 thousand 757 passengers, which is by 22.1% more than in 2016. If we compare the passenger flow indicators 2015, it increased by 43.2%. Due to such dynamics “Borispol” was recognized as one of the leaders among the European airports that most increased the indicators in the category from 5 to 10 million passengers.

Earlier it was reported that in the market there are a number of Asian, European and American firms who show a strong interest in a possible concession of the airport “Borispol”.

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