Like Superman: South Korea Olympic athlete surprised his way to ascend the escalator

In Pyeongchang, where began Olympics 2018 20-year-old Olympic athlete had an impressive stunt on the escalator.

Fabian Bosch, who represents the national team of Switzerland in the discipline of ski freestyle, posted a video with a trick on his page in Instagram.


The message circulated Fabian Bösch (@buhsch) 11 Feb 2018 11:54 PST

In the video you can see how it rises on the escalator, holding only with one hand for the handrail on the external side of the staircase. All this guy performs with ease.

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“For 20 years did not understand how such things work. I correctly use it?”joked the athlete.

This is not the only video entertainment and stunts guy.


The message circulated Fabian Bösch (@buhsch) 10 Feb 2018 12:50 PST

Recall that the coach of the Finnish snowboard photographed when he was knitting directly during the competition. The Finns are going to tie the quilt for my son presidential pair.

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