Near Kiev was buried who died tragically on the construction of a 17-year-old

In the Kyiv region buried 17-year-old Dmitry Shupik, which crushed concrete blocks on a construction site in the capital, where the guy worked with three students. Outraged parents are demanding the investigation and punishment of those who took children to work, not asking about age, and yet not maintenance workers, and sent to hard labor in the excavation, said in the story TSN.19:30.

In parting with Dmitry came almost the whole village, the parents went mad with grief, because it was their only son. He finished 11-th class and dreamed of becoming a surveyor, and was interested in underground construction. Jobs found on the Internet, dad supported it, because he hired the guy as a worker. What actually did there, he learned only after the tragedy. “He wanted to buy the girl a gift on February 14, and then buy yourself a moped. Wanted to prove that he is independent and he can earn money. Look what happened,” say classmates.

Video surveillance construction site where a teenager was killed, children were loaded adult work

In the Kyiv region buried 17-year-old Dmitry Shupik. Guy crushed by concrete blocks on the construction site where he worked. During the tragedy at the construction site there were three more students. They miraculously escaped unharmed. Parents are outraged because instead of working utility a employees, children handed hammers and sent to the pit.

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Near the wall, which collapsed, Nazar was standing the day before the tragedy when they took on the job. The guy claims that from adults anybody is not interested in how old they are – the students just gave the helmets, gave a hammer and sent to a 6-meter pit. “Said to repel the concrete tables, which were dug into the ground, under a certain level. We were told that we are just laborers,” he said. Children worked mostly on the weekends because the building would pay for a full day is 300-400 hryvnia.

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In Kiev, a schoolboy crushed concrete blocks

Now the construction of silence – work has been suspended. Immediately after the death of the guy the police arrested the representative of the General contractor and subcontractor, but subsequently released them. Representatives of the developer in contact with the press not going. The service for labour saying the violation is obvious, because teenagers are allowed to work on heavy underground work, full time and on weekends. However the service itself to prevent such violation could not, because from the beginning of the year a moratorium on any checks. The trade Union of builders say that illegal employment in the construction industry is 50%, and youth is the cheap labor. Hire them because the professionals are going to earn money abroad.

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The construction in Kiev, where he died the schoolboy, carrying flowers and candles

Parents of students came to the building with lamps and photos of the dead guy and promised that the matter will not leave. “My child went without my knowledge. I found out when the tragedy happened. I do not understand how a child at the age of 17 could send to work in the pit,” says one of the mothers. Construction managers they seek to punish the irresponsible attitude to work. For violation of labour safety has opened criminal proceedings, the investigation continues.

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