The extra battery attached balconies, the shops on the first floor: who is to blame for the emergence of exorbitant amounts in the receipts Kiev for heating

Ukrainians never cease to complain about sky-high bills for heat which charge even for a relatively warm winter months. Unexpected thousands appear not only due to high tariffs, but thanks to an enterprising neighbors, according to a story TSN.19:30.

In a normal 5-etazhke on the hem have an attic, outbuildings and shops on the first floors, and the locals wonder every time the amounts in the payment, not even knowing that they can pay for themselves and neighbors. “The average amount per month from 2100 to 2500 hryvnia, one time last winter had 3,000 hryvnia. I think the amount is inadequate,” says a resident of Anton. Journalists with teplopodachi staged a RAID on the neighbors to check legalities of those warm your square footage. The owner of the shop on the ground floor assures that does not pay for heat because the pipe was not his, and this heat it is not necessary, as has its. However, the pipe from the communal metering system in the back teplovik call it that heats the store and pay for it other tenants. “They are now violating the law on the consumption of heat and they have to pay for it”, – assured the utility. Next to the shop of elite tiles due to the tenants monthly warm almost 200 meters of basement. Information about the visit of the engineers there the sellers promised to send the heads, which supposedly was not in place.

Videobusty amounts in the payment for heat can occur due to thieves

Ukrainians never cease to complain about sky-high bills for heat, say, two or three thousand hryvnia – is the minimum that they get, even with a relatively warm zimniej months. However not only the fault of the utility. Quite often people steal their warmth for which they have to pay.

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Natalia lives in the city center on Bolshaya Vasylkivska and recognizes that the mailbox is already afraid to look: bills, even with the counter, a tall. One of the residents had illegally built a two-storey property, which calls the balcony, and even grabbed the local area. About it neighbors say that he does not pay neither for electricity nor for heating, nor for the local area or even in the garbage. “Has collected 30 thousand of debt for heat, and closed from all. Bring it to clean water, energy drinks failed,” they say. Energy the procedure are trying to reach out to the debtor and to report on duty, although they acknowledge that the result in order still will be shut off if payment of debt is not going to happen – regardless of whether he opens the door or not.

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Lawyers suggest the appearance of exorbitant amounts in the receipts look the neighbors are not established if they are illegal to use more power and cause an inspection to check the heated area. And in particularly difficult situations, to join with other tenants to solve the problem through the courts.

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