Russia supplied the militants in the Donbass 2.4 billion cubic meters of gas. Ukraine to pay for it will not

For 2017, the Russian “Gazprom” has put in the occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine 2 billion 427 million cubic meters Gaza.

This is stated in the report of “Gazprom” for the fourth quarter, writes UNIAN.

In the list of the unrecognized “republics” where Russia supplied the gas, there is also Transnistria (with him in Moldova was delivered 2 billion 712 million cubic meters), South Ossetia (temporarily occupied territory of Georgia, 38 million cubic meters).

Earlier, Gazprom said that gas deliveries to occupied Donbas Ukraine must pay for Russian side us $ 1.3 billion. Kiev said the gas for the insurgents in Russia did not order, and therefore will not pay. The position of Ukraine at the end of December confirmed the Stockholm arbitration do not need to pay no past, no future unauthorized deliveries in the occupied territory.

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