Russia will try to turn the Donbass into a Trojan horse in the Ukraine – Klimkin

Ukraine offers to the Donbas ensure the safety peacekeepers and the police, and then the international community has helped to organize elections and border protection. However, Russia opposes this way of resolving the situation, said foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin in Germany on the sidelines of the Munich security conference.

It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda.

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He noted that the Hudson Institute and Richard Gowan did a report on peacekeepers that reflects the real situation.

“On this basis, it is possible to begin serious discussions, and not to engage in such stunts as Russia is doing, saying, let us first along the line of contact (was placed peacekeepers – ed.) and then we all provocations will block, and then will require that the situation or going on, or we’re doing something,” – said Klimkin.

According to him, Russia does not want to give up control of the situation the international community to keep its protectorate in the occupied Donbas and destabilize Ukraine.

Video settings Munich 20 heads of state will be talking about Russian aggression in Ukraine

In Munich opens world forum on security issues. 20 heads of state and government, defence Ministers and senior diplomats of countries in an informal setting should discuss the main challenges of the world. From Ukraine in the work of the forum will be attended by Petro Poroshenko Pavlo Klimkin. The President of Ukraine will deliver a speech tonight.

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The foreign Minister also pointed out that the number of peacekeepers is important, but “the main thing is that Russia is removed from the Donbass, the withdrawal of their forces and weapons, and transfers the control over the occupied territories to the international community, how this will happen, in what sequence”.

“First, peacekeepers must ensure that Russia emerged, all the weapons had been collected or removed, or came under the control of not only SMM, but also peacekeepers. And then – who to arrest, to control, to disarm? Must be a police component,” – said Klimkin.

He stressed that the international community will help to organize elections in the Donbas and the protection of the border, but Russia still does not agree to this.

“Everything is clear: they want to keep Donbass under their control, to legitimize it, and then try him as a kind of Trojan horse to push in the Ukraine. This will not happen,” – said Klimkin, adding that the conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov will be difficult.

“A breakthrough is not expected, but will try to put pressure”, – said the Minister of foreign Affairs.

In last year Russia has offered to send “blue helmets” in the region only to ensure the safety of the OSCE observers. As you know, Kiev is in favour of peacekeepers were deployed throughout the conflict zone including the Ukrainian-Russian border.

Videoasia changed its position on peacekeepers in the Donbass after the meeting with Kurt Volker

After a meeting with the representative of the United States in Dubai the representative of the Kremlin Vladislav Surkov has declared literally the following: the current package of U.S. proposals look “usable”. According to Surkov, there is a detailed plan for the deployment of a peacekeeping mission, tied to implementation of the political provisions of the Minsk agreements.

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