Teachers of special schools and inclusive classes has appointed additional extra wages

Teachers in preparatory classes of special schools and pedagogical workers and teacher’s assistants in inclusive classes (groups) of all educational institutions established additional allowances for salary 15% and 20% of salary.

The corresponding decision was taken by the Cabinet, the press service of the Ministry of education and science.

In particular, now the teachers in preparatory classes of special institutions of General secondary education will receive a Supplement of 20% for classroom management. Teachers of these classes will have a 15% surcharge for checking notebooks.

“With this we can eliminate the inequality in the remuneration of teachers working in preparatory classes of special schools. Because from 1 September 2014, these schools gradually introduced new curricula, which is designed so that in the structure of elementary school is a preparatory and grades 1-4. That is, the period of study is 5 years that allows to provide children with sufficient time for learning and developmental work. Despite the fact that the preparatory classes were opened, the working conditions were worse, but now we have resolved the issue of the required additional payments,” – said the Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych.

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Teaching staff and assistants who work in inclusive classes or groups provided additional surcharge of 20%. This would apply to institutions of preschool, General secondary, extracurricular, and professional (vocational) and higher education.

“It is very important to develop inclusive educational environment to people with special needs have access to quality education services. In particular, it is one of the priorities of the New Ukrainian school. The state allocates the target subsidy to support inclusive education – the acquisition of correction, teaching materials, conduct additional remedial and developmental classes. But of course we need the financial support of the employees of such classes and groups at the expense of additional costs”, – said Grinevich.

Earlier the government adopted a decree, which on average increase the salaries of teachers in 2018, 25%.

Videoline Grinevich talked about “New Ukrainian school”

To teach children to use knowledge in real life since childhood – one of the main objectives of the project “New Ukrainian school.” However, not all parents like the Ukrainian reform. Answers the questions parents and debunks the myths in our Studio Liliya Hrynevych – Minister of education and science. Look.

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