Great post will cost the host a pretty penny: the price of vegetables up in a hurry

The cost of a pancake is 1.25 UAH. If you add a spoon of soft cheese with sour cream, you get more than three hryvnia per nalistic.

Compared to last year’s prices, this increase by a third, says the story TSN.Week.

However, after the carnival the Orthodox and Greek Catholics there is a Great post. It will last 48 days. In addition to spiritual constraints assume a sharp change of menu, which will impact on the family menu. In particular, it is planned to increase the number of vegetables.

Post not saving wallet. Cabbage has grown by a third since the beginning of the year. The farmers hid in the expectation of big money and created the deficit. But last week announced a total sale, because prosloeny harvest attacked the rot. The price of cabbage went down and stabilized.

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Yet another price record for all history of independence – beets. It literally kept under arrest in warehouses in anticipation of rising prices.

And some tasty vegetables to make it hard. In the post the chicken meat was always replaced by mushrooms. The pickers used to correlate their prices with poultry, and chicken becomes more expensive, prices rise and popular mushrooms. Experts say as much as 20%.

Another substitute of animal protein – greens. Now vitamin, the beam is already as kg of selected pork.

To save money, experienced hostess are suggesting green onions to grow on the windowsill. Now the price of buckwheat is the lowest. Prices to rise in the near future not going to like.

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