Member of the Maidan self-defense became a marine and protect advanced rubinetterie Mariupol

Maidan activists continue to defend Ukraine in the fighting in the Donbass. In the ranks of the 36th brigade of Marines APU is Paul, who volunteered to the front at the end of the events of the revolution of Dignity and self-study at the University, says the story TSN.19:30.

“I didn’t like that put guys who are not to blame that people take what they do – work. I didn’t like that the police at the time allowed themselves, which is not that the government itself allowed – and it so happened that I went into resistance,” said the fighter. Paul went into the marine corps in 2015, when I graduated and left a lucrative job in Kiev. “My childhood dream was to serve in the marine corps, however, in the us. But the problems in our country, so I realized that it is time to serve here,” admitted guy.

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The front, which he covers with a sister, distressed at night there is the enemy artillery and the day pestering snipers. You have to move among solid dirt, and the distance between the positions of the conflicting parties is sometimes only a hundred metres away. Intimacy provokes the enemy for sabotage, so the Ukrainian soldiers have to constantly be on the lookout. On the front connected and Maidan activists, and those who did not care about politics – they all have a common goal: to drive the invaders from their native land. “While they are here, we are tired,” explains the soldier with the pseudo “Burbot”.

The TSN reporter Dmitry Moroz

Videophony, who began the battle against tyranny on independence, continue to defend Ukraine at the front

Euromaidan activists now, as in 2014 the most dangerous places. What pushes people to such a phenomenal sacrifice for the good of the country? On this question, our correspondents sought answers in the former activists of the Maidan, and now the Marines in the trenches near Mariupol.

TSN. 19:30

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