In ORDO moves 74 “gumanoy” from Russia

Russia sent to the occupied territories of Ukrainian Donbas 74 the so-called “humanitarian convoy”. This is reported by the Kremlin’s media, citing Russian Ministry of emergencies.

According to available information, the column consists of 40 cars that move on the territory of the Rostov region in the direction of the uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian border. Illegal machines will be delivered on the territory of Ukraine more than 430 tons of cargo. They plan to unload in the occupied areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions in the coming days.

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The militants “LNR” were not given access to OSCE observers to the Russian trucks with “humanitarian convoy”

Officials in Russia claim that the so-called “humanitarian convoys” transfer medicines, food and necessities for the civilians caught in the fighting. But the Ukrainian military observers in the zone of the ATO repeatedly documented increased attacks by the terrorist groups after entering the territory ORDO such “escorts”, so I assume that they transported ammunition and weapons.

Videoparty this year’s “humanitarian convoy” from Russia are waiting for the militants in the Donbas

Bandits controlled media reported that nearly 300 tons of cargo, the Russian curators will deliver on the occupied territory tomorrow. This, they say, are food, medicine, and the mysterious so-called “trust goods”. These convoys are illegal.

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24 Jan, 12:35

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