“This is a provocation, which is the special operations of the Russian Federation”: Rozenko has urged Poland to restore damaged monuments

In Ukraine, there is anti-Polish sentiments, provocations in Ukraine and Poland is of special operation of Russia.

This was stated by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko in the air “5 channel”.

“We do not exclude the fact that Ukraine is a provocation. Understand that the provocations that occur in Poland are mostly operations of a neighboring state, our common enemy, which is the Russian Federation”, – he stressed.

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According to Rozenko, Ukraine wants Poland respectful of Ukrainian monuments, provided them protection and restoration in case of damage.

“We do not demand from Poland something extraordinary. We only ask for the same attitude to the Ukrainian monuments in Ukraine to Polish: respect despite status. 95% of Polish monuments in Ukraine are illegal or prescribed, or illegitimate their legal basis, but this does not mean that Kiev is not responsible for them”, – he assured.

Besides Rozenko said that Ukraine “gave the Polish side a specific list of eight monuments in Poland, asking to restore destroyed two of which were legal”.

“Polish search and exhumation work in Ukraine can be resumed if the Polish authorities will ensure the protection of the Ukrainian places of memory in its territory. I urge Polish officials to stop playing with these questions and do the steps on which we agreed and opened the way to a joint decision of the joint search operations, the result of which can be exhumation work,” he said.

In addition, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister also commented on the updated Law on the Institute of national memory, which introduces, in particular, the possibility of opening criminal cases for the denial of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists, noting that the amendments could be used against individuals who want to get the card of the pole.

“We believe that this is unacceptable and it demonstrates once again the dangers associated with this law. The law on the Institute of national memory you want to change. We don’t care, it will happen after the constitutional court decisions, government initiatives or opposition, because it is an internal affair of Poland. The ball is now on the side of our Polish partners and as soon as steps will be taken to address major problems, changes and new Law on VAT and the reconstruction of destroyed Ukrainian monuments in Poland, as well as the lifting of prohibition of entry for representatives of Ukrainian institutions, on the good will of the Polish party all it can be done,” – said Rozenko.

We will remind, the memorial in Huta penyatskoy established 12 years ago in memory of the poles killed during the Second world war. In early January 2017 unknown persons blew up the memorial and painted it with Nazi symbols. It was restored within a month at the expense of local communities. Two months after this incident, unknown painted abusive slogans and the Nazi swastika memorial.

On 6 February the President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed the so-called “antibanderovskie law”, criminalizes the denial of the Volyn tragedy, the promotion of “the ideology of Bandera”, as well as public accusations against Poland for crimes committed during the Holocaust. Any citizen of the country, a foreigner may be sentenced to payment of a fine or even imprisonment for up to three years. Polish opposition called the law on the Institute of national remembrance of Poland’s “diplomatic catastrophe.”

Despite the crisis in Polish-Ukrainian relations, the Polish officials traveling to Lviv to honor the “victims of UPA”. The members of the delegation said that the visit had no political motive.

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