Counterintelligence of SBU exposed the military of the Russian Federation with the Callsign “Yakut”, which is taught by the gunners of the “DNR”

Counterintelligence of SBU together with TSN.ia continues to inform the public about the Russian militaryparticipating in the fighting against the military APU.

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Counterintelligence SBU has declassified artillery from Russia, “Bismarck”, who commanded the militants “DNR”

In previous publications it was about the personal guards of the leader of “DNR” Zakharchenko, and destroyed in Syria General of the Russian Federation Valeriy Asabove and the General-major Valery Sharapova who took part in military operations on Donbass. About Lieutenant General Michael Teplinskaya, in particular, know that his arrival in the occupied territory was equivalent to Armageddon. And another Russian General Boris Fomichev became known after leaked online recordings of his angry speech, addressed to the Chechen mercenaries who frightened ran away from the battlefield.

VKontakte/Alex Sosnowski
Alex Sosnowski

This time the Ukrainian intelligence service has declassified another representative of the occupying armed forces of the Russian Federation, the 41-year-old Alexey Sosnovsky.

Sosnowski was born in the town of Tommot Aldan district of the Sakha Republic, Russian Federation.

Now lives in Berezovsky (a city-the companion of Ekaterinburg) Sverdlovsk region, Russian Federation, undergoing military service in one of the units of Yekaterinburg.

During the stay in the territory of “DNR” Sosnowski acted curator of the Russian military cannon artillery division of an illegal armed formation “Guards tactical group “Mail” (formerly artillery brigade “Kalmius”) of the 1st Army corps of the Ministry of defence of the terrorist organization “Donetsk people’s Republic”.

Used the cover name “Michael” and Callsign “Yakut”.

Video”They have tested”: the military told about the situation on the front line during rotation of the militants

Under the small fire on the ground and with the ever-circling over the heads of hostile drones – that this reality is now holding the front North of the occupied Donetsk, the Ukrainian military. Avdiivka industrial area – a complete Stalker. Between the ruined houses, it seems even difficult to understand where the position of the Ukrainians, and where the enemy positions.

TSN. 19:30

6 Feb, 20:03

Sosnowski was in “business” in Donetsk in the period from January to November 2017.
During his stay in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region, he was responsible for training personnel on the use of multiple rocket launchers and tube artillery.

Also, according to the intelligence data, Sosnovskaya worked on acquisition of the specified units of the Russian arms and ammunition, was responsible for their delivery on the territory of the Russian Federation and for the accounting of ammunition used.

In addition, the person responsible for coordination with the high command of the armed forces, which is in the “1st Army corps of “DNR”, each case of use of weapons prohibited “Minsk agreements”.

In social networks Sosnowski mainly post photos from travels in Russia and the world.

VKontakte/Alex Sosnowski

Also added a few photos since the beginning of service in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, in particular, with the oath of 1995.

VKontakte/Alex Sosnowski

Counterintelligence also established kinship Sosnowski. He has a wife, 34-year-old Marina Sosnovskaya (maiden name Nizamova), a native of the Amur region of the Russian Federation. Sosnowski is a lawyer, he studied at the Ural law University.

VKontakte/Alex Sosnowski

The couple have a son Ilya and daughter Xenia. It is also established that the mother Sosnowski lives in the Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation.

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