Philatelist, numismatist, collector of wine and just a millionaire. What are the income declared by Avakov

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov published electronically last year. In 2017, he earned little more than a million hryvnia. His wife Inna is 52 times more, almost 57 million.

The salary of a Minister for the past year amounted to 99 710 thousand UAH, that is on average 59.1 per thousand UAH per month. Even 76,8 thousand UAH – royalty. 295 thousand UAH – interest on deposits in “Oshchadbank”.

My wife’s salary Avakov amounted to 291 thousand UAH, averaging 24.3 thousand UAH per month. The basic place of work – PJSC “Investor”. Another 304 thousand UAH for a year she was working part-time in an Italian company of her husband Avitalia s.r.l. More Inna Avakov, got almost 568 thousand UAH per cent of deposits in “Oshchadbank”. Income from alienation of securities and corporate rights amounted to 55 million 812 thousand 874 thousand UAH – company Atmosphere Entertainment Inc (new York, USA) purchased a share of the TV channel “espresso”.

Means Avakov hold accounts in the state “Oshchadbank” and private “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”. The Minister in the accounts, in General, 1 million 365 thousand UAH, and almost 183 thousand dollars. Precious metals – to 200 thousand UAH. My wife on the accounts – 1 million 191 thousand UAH, 3373 euros and 2 million 185 thousand dollars. In wife opened an account in an Italian Bank Banca Popolare del Frusinate – there are 1 million 459 thousand 960 euros.

Cash Avakov hold 165 thousand UAH, 45 thousand dollars, to 81.2 million euros, 1.9 thousand canadian dollars, 96 thousand Japanese yen.

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In Avakov has two apartments in Kharkov – on 657,9 sq m and 70.9 sq. m. Another apartment to 55.4 sq m in Chuguev. In Kiev, the Minister rented a hotel room for 77,6 sq. m.

The Minister and his wife have two plots of 12 acres each in Korobochkyne village of Chuguevsky district.

The Minister also declared the value of the painting, including the work of Pablo Picasso, icons, clocks, collections of coins (including gold) and postage stamps, to 800 bottles of vintage wine from different countries, expensive furniture, figurines, 8.1 a library of thousands of books, publications and magazines of the XVIII-XXI centuries, a collection of knives in 9 units.

My wife Avakov has four fur coats from fur of a sable and mink, Astrakhan. She is also the owner of expensive bags, necklace with diamonds in white gold, gold diamond rings, gemstones, earrings and necklaces with pearls and small precious stones, pendants, black diamond 4.85 BLK DEA, other diamonds, and the like.

The Minister is the owner of 12 shares of PJSC FC “Metalist”. It was the Italian company’s Avitalia.r.l. (the monetary value of – 8.8 million UAH). Avakov also is the ultimate beneficial owner of two Cyprus companies – Ulisse Management Limited Management Limited and Fontana.

The Minister has registered the copyright on the book “Lenin with us?” in three languages – Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Videoaverage Junior court secret from the media back passport

Son of interior Minister Alexander Avakov, the court returned the document that allows you to leave the country. In addition, Avakov Jr. will no longer have to wear an electronic bracelet. The meeting where it is decided, took place on 22 December, but the media learned of this decision only today.

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26 December 2017, 20:15


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