“I can’t say that all happy”. Yanukovych told at the expense of lives

President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych admitted that he lacks the means to life, even to confiscate their stolen money.

He stated this today, March 2, at a press conference in Moscow.

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“I tell you, no one is jealous of me today. You believe in it or not? Huh? No one is jealous. The fact that no money Yanukovych in any Bank in the world is not is well known. This was confirmed by the GPU, it was confirmed by the European Union,” he said.

“How do I live? I have a family, have a son, quite young, healthy people. I live with my family. As they say, I your money not believe, and you shouldn’t consider my. I live my life. Can’t say that everyone is happy. I can’t say. It is hard for me. I am very hurt and I really want to get people who are suffering today in Ukraine, the suffering stopped,” – said the fugitive.

Earlier it was reported that withdrawn from the “family” of Viktor Yanukovych $ 1.5 billion are in the accounts of the State Treasury.

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