Yanukovych told about his relationship with ex-Advisor to trump and his political strategist Paul Manafort

President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych said that he personally had not signed with the former Manager of the presidential campaign of Donald trump and his political Advisor Paul Manafort any agreements.

He said this during a press conference.

According to Yanukovych, with Paul Manafort “Party of regions” beginning to operate in the second half of 2005.

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“The electoral campaign to the Parliament in the spring of 2006 took place with the participation of Paul Manafort and his men, his company, which worked with the office of the Party of regions. Then there were the elections in the fall of 2007. Extraordinary elections to the Parliament. Then there were the presidential elections of 2010. All along Paul Manafort dealt with by the office of Party of regions. I personally did not sign him to any agreements,” – said Yanukovych.

He also added that he personally did not set any fees for his work.

“How much he should get. Between us of the issues of financial remuneration or payment did not exist. After the 2010 elections by Paul Manafort was my Advisor on a voluntary basis. I met him always at the meetings when he attended. Advisors I had a lot of freelance. But when I considered some international issues, by Paul Manafort as an Advisor, took part in them,” – said Yanukovych.

According to the President of the fugitive, he was not as such personal contacts with Manufactum.

“He worked mainly with the Administration of the President. It was an order. It has been installed. After I left Ukraine, I Paul Manafort not seen and not heard. As for my discussions with President Putin some kind of relationship with Paul Manafort is absolutely absurd,” – said Yanukovych.

Videosu preparing new requests in the United States in the case of Manafort

TSN. Wounds

November 3, 2017, 08:18

In the US spectracolor for investigation of ties with the Russian Federation Robert Muller was asked to set may 14 date for start of trial in the case of the former head of the election headquarters of the President of the United States Donald trump Paul Manafort, who is accused of money laundering. He’s facing 12 charges. The main – plot against the United States, money laundering, tax evasion and false statements. The floor of Manafort could face up to 80 years in prison.

Manafort had to resign as head of the electoral headquarters of the trump in August 2016 amid a scandal that erupted after the publication in The New York Times. The newspaper wrote about the details of his activities in Ukraine. Manafort worked as a counselor deprived the title of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia after the revolution of dignity in February 2014.

We also found out that the Party of regions was a “black accounts.” Among recipients of cash sounded and the name of Manafort.

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