From Ukraine expelled a Russian spy involved in the scandal with drunk driving

From Ukraine expelled a Russian spy involved in the scandal with drunk driving

Vladimir Nebyval © scrnshot s video


28 Mar, 18:43

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Vladimir Nebyvaev was among the passengers of the detained car on the diplomatic rooms.

Among the employees of the Russian Embassy, which are now left Ukraine, the journalists of TSN remarked Vladimir Nebyvaev, who became “famous” thanks to the scandal of drunk driving Russian diplomat.

Almost a year ago in Kiev, the patrolmen detained a car with Russian diplomatic plateswhose driver had characteristic of alcoholic intoxication signs.

TSN has learned that behind the wheel was the representative of the border service of the FSB, Ruslan Trebunskiy and passengers was an officer on security matters of the Embassy of Russia Valery Korshunov, an official representative of the foreign intelligence service of Russia Vladimir Nebyvaev.

How did you learn to TSN, before the trip, the three of them sat in a luxury restaurant and the check was vodka and wine. From the breathalyzer the staff of the guardian refused.

Videoassisted diplomats caught driving drunk in Kiev

TSN. 19:30

10 April 2017, 20:06

We will remind, today in Ukraine left all 13 Russian diplomats, which our country sends in solidarity. Monday, 26 March, Western countries have announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats. The expulsion of diplomats was a response to the attempted poisoning of a former intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK, which, according to the British investigation, is Moscow. First about the expulsion of Russian diplomats, announced, in fact, the UK (23 diplomat), then it was joined by 15 countries EU, USA, Canada, Norway and Ukraine.

By TSN correspondent Dmitry Furdak

Videoresize diplomats headed to Moscow through Minsk

Thirteen Russian diplomats must leave Ukraine until 17:30. The decision on exclusion of Ukraine adopted in response to the poisoning Skripal. First went the employees of the Russian Consulate in Odessa. Two diplomats went home with cars and crossed the border in the Sumy region. In addition to Odessa, to leave the diplomatic missions have the Russians in Lviv, Kharkiv and Kiev.

TSN. 16:45

28 Mar, 17:02

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