Gazprom has so far refused to resume gas supplies to Ukraine and to pay the debt

Gazprom has so far refused to resume gas supplies to Ukraine and to pay the debt

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March 28, 10:23

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The results of two arbitration proceedings, the Russian monopoly needs of 2.56 billion dollars.

Last week “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom” had a meeting, during which she was to discuss further actions after the decision of the Stockholm arbitration in favor of the Ukrainian company. Russian gas monopoly explained that it refuses to resume gas supplies to Ukraine, despite the decision regarding the supply contract, which the Tribunal adopted in December of last year. Gazprom also confirmed it would pay $ 2.6 billion. according to the February decision in a transit case.

This is stated in the message of Naftogaz.

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“The Russian company proposed to amend the contracts or break them and thus reverse the decision of the Tribunal. Both options are a direct violation of and disregard for the decisions of the Stockholm arbitration. Naftogaz considers this position unacceptable and rejected the proposal of “Gazprom”, – reads the statement of “Naftogaz”.

The parties agreed to hold another round of talks in April. “Naftogaz” expects the answer “Gazprom” on the request for revision of the tariff and the use of the Ukrainian GTS for the transit of Russian gas to the EU after the completion of the current contract in 2019, said the Ukrainian company.

The results of the two arbitration proceedings Gazprom needs of 2.56 billion dollars. The Stockholm arbitration court satisfied the claim of “Naftogaz” for compensation for undelivered “Gazprom” volumes of gas for transit. Arbitration court dismissed the claims of “Gazprom” on fines for allegedly illegally sampled “Naftogaz” volumes of transit of gas.

Gazprom has refused to supply Ukraine ordered volumes of gas, and began the process of breaking contracts with “Naftogaz” for the supply and transit of “blue fuel”.

Video”Naftogaz of Ukraine” has won a lawsuit against “Gazprom”

Gas victory for Ukraine in Stockholm. International arbitration ruled that the Russian company should compensate the Ukrainian more than 4 and a half billion dollars for short-delivered gas for transit from 2009 to 2016. According to the court, part of the money will be credited for gas supplies in 2013 and 2014.

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