“Gazprom” has filed a complaint against the decision of the Stockholm arbitration concerning gas transit

“Gazprom” has filed a complaint against the decision of the Stockholm arbitration concerning gas transit

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30 Mar, 21:57

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The company believes that the Tribunal made a “substantial procedural violation”.

Russian energy company Gazprom has filed a complaint in the district court of appeal of Svea in Sweden, one of the decisions of the International arbitration court in Stockholm. It is a dispute with NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine” for transit of gas.

The appeal of the representatives of the Russian company submitted the day before, announced on Friday, March 30, the press service of “Gazprom”.

The submitted application includes a request to partially cancel a final decision of the Stockholm arbitration in the case concerning the transit of gas. In the message of the Russian company grounds of the petition are called “significant procedural violations committed by the arbitrators at the time of adoption of this decision.”

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“Gazprom” has filed an appeal against the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the gas supply to Ukraine

28 February 2018 the Stockholm arbitration has obliged “Gazprom” to pay “Naftogaz” more than 4.6 billion U.S. dollars for the undelivered volumes of gas for transit under bilateral agreements. Earlier, the court reaffirmed the debt of Ukrainian companies for the supply of gas amounting to two billion US dollars. In the end, the results of two arbitration of disputes between companies regarding the supply and transit of gas “Gazprom” should pay the NAC of 2.56 billion dollars. March 21, Gazprom has also appealed the arbitration decision in a contract for the supply of gas.

Also in early March , Gazprom warned early termination of bilateral agreements with the Ukrainian side.

Videospornosalma service started description and the arrest in Ukraine of property of the Russian monopoly “Gazprom”

The announcement appeared on the official site. It refers to the penalty imposed on “Gazprom” the Antimonopoly Committee two years ago for abuse of monopoly position on the market of Ukraine. It is now almost 172 billion. And in this case, the Executive service of the Ministry of justice started the procedure of seizure of assets of “Gazprom” – and this is property and shares four of its businesses.

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8 Mar, 00:42

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