“Test Drive” Lombard: the right choice

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“Test Drive” Lombard: the right choice


March 30, 10:19

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The money is needed right now – in this situation at least once every.

The reasons may be different: a hole in the family budget before the wage bargain offer in the store, health issues, birth of child, urgent repairs. And for many in this case, the output becomes a loan. The only question is, where is the best to take? So quickly, honestly and without red tape.

Guaranteed solution

All-Ukrainian network of pawnshops, “Good” reminds us that for those who find themselves in a difficult financial situation, she “always has a plan B”. And so customers can independently verify that the loan from the pawn shop is profitable, easy and, besides, is very convenient, offers a program for a “Test Drive”. This is a special offer for new customers “Benefit”, under which the first loan under the pledge of gold is issued with a rate of just 0.001% per day.

“We are doing everything possible to acquaintance with Lombard lending, often surrounded by a number of unfounded stereotypes, was as comfortable as possible for each borrower, – the Director for network marketing “Benefit” Vitaly Soloviev. – Positive experience of the first visit will allow us to form a correct opinion about the procedure and cost of collateral evaluation, quality of service, reliability, storage of property in the pawnshop. And using the offer to “Test Drive”, customers will be able not only to appreciate all the benefits of these loans, but to do so without additional financial costs: how much have you taken so much and returned. In fact, this is how to take the best friend, absolutely not to risk a good relationship”.

Quickly and reliably

Surely, each person will find something from jewelry or equipment that could be left as collateral for some time. And if an unexpected life situation, the easiest way to extract from the box a long time do not wear earrings. Or get it off the shelf here for a couple of years not used a slow cooker. What about skiing in the summer? With them, too, it is possible to go to the shop to get the required amount in cash.

For credit in a pawnshop does not need any help and bail: it is enough to have at itself the passport, the INN, and actual collateral. Among the advantages of “Good” is also an extensive network of offices. Today, its offices can be found in large cities and in small towns – more than 350 modern and comfortable offices across the country. Agree, there is a high probability that the nearest “Good” is just at hand.

Lending against collateral is not the first century is a lifesaver for many people in emergency financial situations. And Lombard Blago took care of that first “Test Drive” services, has brought only positive emotions and no financial cost. Make the right choice – contact Blago! www.blago.ua

License issued by the financial services Commission 21 January 2016, resolution # 195.


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