Cracks on the walls and landslides. On Andreevsky descent collapsing houses due to the construction of the hotel

Cracks on the walls and landslides. On Andreevsky descent collapsing houses due to the construction of the hotel



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The hotel was built, despite the injunction from the Ministry and Kyiv city state administration to stop the construction since the beginning of the year.

The struggle against the construction of the hotel on Andreevsky descent resulted in a loud dispute, according to a story TSN.19:30.

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As found by the activists, the hotel built illegally. According to plan there should be a hotel with 8 floors with an attic, and it is 30 meters. According to the law on Andrew you can construct buildings to a height of only 9 meters, because it is a monument of national importance.

Video surveillance Andriyivskyy descent, the activists smashed the fences, to prevent the construction of the hotel

The struggle with the construction of the hotel on 8 floors on Andreevsky descent resulted in open conflict. Today, there are smashed fences, and half a day captured a construction crane. At the end of the day the government is still partially dismantled the fence around the construction site. But whether Andrew hotel is still an open question.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:58

In addition to the number of storeys, among the violations indicate squatting on the ground and Frolovskaya street and part of Castle hill.

What is being built here illegally, has been proven by the regulations of the Ministry of culture and verification of the KSCA. According to them, the work had to stop last winter. Also got the court order to suspend construction.

The public Andriyivskyy descent

But somehow, all decisions remain on paper, and the construction continues.

Due to illegal construction on the walls of the neighbouring houses appear cracks and landslides occur.

The owner of the hotel company “Markon”, which belongs to the former Deputy tax Kiev Valeriy Pavlyuk. He won’t contact.

Deputy Klitschko Alexander Spasibki said that the hotel will still be built when they are ready all the documents. On the question of why began to build, if there is a problem with the documents, the official said: “Law is bad”.

Activists, in turn, insist on the dismantlement and require public hearings.

Meanwhile, officials on landscaping, who arrived at the protest, adopted an intermediate solution: to dismantle the fence, and the rest is not to touch.

The TSN reporter Tatiana Fruit

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