Girls, which have been searching for three days, found on the highway near Kiev

Girls, which have been searching for three days, found on the highway near Kiev

© Photo by Anton Strashko/TSN


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Litseistki skipped school to go to Dnipropetrovsk.

Disappeared three days ago sixth grader over there, Barbara and Diana were found. Police found them on the highway Kyiv-Kharkiv near the village of borschiv, the correspondent of TSN.

In the morning, parents reported that girls were seen in the village about 40 km from Kiev. Litseistki got into a blue car and drove away in an unknown direction.

Photo Anton Strashko/TSN

Photo Anton Strashko/TSN

Recall, Barbara and Diana escaped from the Lyceum on 10 April. They turned off the phones and didn’t come home. Classmates even made a video like high school girls ran out of the door of the institution. They escaped with the third lesson.

In the personal diary of a 12-year-old Barbara, her mother Tatiana found an escape plan that children have developed over several months. According to them, the schoolgirl was planning to walk and ride a few hundred kilometers to the city pjatihatki, Dnipropetrovsk region. There they set up a meeting another girl, supposedly the same age as them. Her children are e-mailing.

By TSN correspondent Anton Strashko

Videology decided to help police in the search for missing a grader

Girls on Tuesday ran away from school and turn off the phone. Diana’s parents Kremenskoy and Varvara Dmitrieva for the third day combed through and cling ads with pictures of children. In the personal diary of one of the girls found an escape plan. Schoolgirl wanted to walk and ride a few hundred kilometres within the Dnipropetrovsk region.

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