The militants escalated the situation on the sea of Azov, the military are waiting for new provocations

The militants escalated the situation on the sea of Azov, the military are waiting for new provocations


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The army men are ready to fight to the end, but the dream of the offensive and win.

Intense enemy attacks recorded in the past day in the sea of Azov, where the militants used guns armored vehicles, heavy artillery and rocket launchers “Grad”. For more than a day the Marines are in full combat readiness, because of the scouts reported that before sunrise the occupants can once again deliver a powerful blow, says the story TSN.19:30.

Witnesses of enemy activity were also journalists, a position where they were fired RPGs and machine guns. “They don’t know why, constantly working only tracers”, – commented on the fight the Ukrainian army. The military admitted that last week was intense. “Three days in a row did not exist in peace – and worked! Sometimes, the “Rock” works for them, still no RPG, Vogi and 25th, here allows distance,” explained the marine with the call sign “Nemo”.

Videoroliki on the sea of Azov stepped up attacks from heavy artillery

Since yesterday evening the Marines watched in full combat readiness. After all, the scouts reported that to the East of the sun, the occupants can strike from “Grad”. The sky was finally pulled from the fortified area of militants in the area Pikuza – Shanka in the direction of the Ukrainian locomotive whistled again iron.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:54

As if in confirmation of these words the night on the Ukrainian positions began to beat the Russian sniper. A new wave of aggression militant defenders of Ukraine met with humor – they say, accustomed themselves to view. “Somehow not afraid. The first week was scary, unusual, and then used all. Comrades behave calmly, and once accustomed to it,” said a marine nicknamed “Green”, which only fall under the age of 18. “I immediately signed the contract,” admitted the fighter.

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When the war began, the lad’s studied the theorem at a school Desk, and now after several months on the front lines, never stops dreaming about the black beret. Not too intense and predominantly small enemy provocations, the military is perceived as a practice of self-exposure.

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