At the Central railway station in Kiev, will replace the escalator. > > >

At the Central railway station in Kiev, will replace the escalator. > > >



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The station promised to adapt for people with disabilities.

Train passengers complain that at the Central railway station in Kiev is not working the lifts from the platforms. Also intermittently working escalators. At the station there are no special adaptations for people with disabilities. The acting Chairman of the Board of “Ukrainian Railways” Evgeny Kravtsov in a live program “snidanok z “1+1” has promised that soon everything will be repaired or replaced with new equipment.

“There are two things. Cars which are adapted for people with disabilities is not available in all trains. This is a problem. Secondly, if we talk about the accessibility of stations for people with special needs, we have a program which is designed for about 80-100 million a year in order to refurbish the stations, places of access for passengers,” – said Kravtsov.

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He acknowledged that in Kiev at the train station there are problems with escalators and elevators.

“On the escalator until the end of autumn this year we plan to completely replace. Structurally, when it’s equipped, it was not designed for the flow of passengers we have today. Regarding the elevators – we need to replace a system that works on the platforms and one that serves Central station. The question is that the current infrastructure, passenger in particular, are not designed for those needs that requires present. Need capital to rebuild and invest in something to not be repaired, and replace what is not working or is not working properly”, – said the head of “Ukrzaliznytsya”.

He also spoke about the “revolution” in the system of cleaning the trains and the fight against cockroaches.


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