High school Media & Production is published on the Ukrainian B2B market

High school Media & Production is published on the Ukrainian B2B market

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Educational project “1+1 media” graduate school Media & Production opens its new direction and entered the Ukrainian B2B market.

Today every business needs to be a local media for its target audience, so the specialists will help individual companies, businesses and enterprises to build, improve or reorganize their internal structure in three main directions: the study of communication, local media, PR and working with reputation.

For each company program is formed individually taking into account the request and includes the study of the use of Storytelling in business, building successful communication with the media, practice the skills of public speaking, the study of positioning and building reputation, work with custom designs and on the reputational risk of the first person and the company. Read more about the service – already on the website of the Higher school of Media & Production.

Training takes place at the production facilities “1+1 media” − TSN studios, Studio “snidanok z 1+1” and headoffice “1+1 media” and provides 80% to 90% practice.

“Global digitalization, the constant change of trends force businesses to adapt to new market conditions. Marketing has become more profound concept and is not restricted to conventional advertising. In its work the company began to use various tools, including media. We are opening this direction in order to share knowledge, practical case studies with business and to increase the understanding of media”, − adds Yuri Bilokur, Director of the Higher school of Media & Production.

Formerly the Higher school of Media & Production has provided advice to businesses individually on request of companies such as Zeo Aliance, Ukrenergo, European Business Association, the TV-7 channel Mariupol, Amway, regional TV and radio company “AVERS”, etc. Their feedback and demand for the program prompted the organizers to provide training services in a full-fledged B2B segment.

“Our company is glad to cooperate with experts of the Higher School of Media & Production. Training in public speaking helped participants to learn the skills of successful speeches for different audiences. The theoretical material of the training effectively reinforced by the practice in which everyone can feel like a TV presenter, to develop new knowledge and to obtain experts ‘ comments about the performance. And, equally important, participation in High school has dreams and gives positive impressions from tours of television studios,” − says Tatiana Katkov, a specialist in the development and training of the Zeo Alliance.

the press service of the channel “1+1”

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