How to choose meat for a picnic. Expert advice

How to choose meat for a picnic. Expert advice



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You need to pay attention to the color and smell of the product.

Due to the cost of meat Pervomayskaya celebration picnic will cost a third more expensive.

This is stated in the story “Breakfast with “1+1”.

As claimed by buyers, market prices increased approximately by 10-30%. In particular, if last year pounds of clippings was worth 110 hryvnias, this year – 130 hryvnia. A kilo of pork neck of pork will have to pay 10 USD more expensive than last year’s prices – 110 UAH. Prices rose not only for pork and beef, but traditionally cheaper chicken – 15-20%.

Among the reasons for not only the holiday rush, and many other factors. Experts say that the prices of medicines, feed, reduction of cattle population and the increase in its exports abroad – all this leads to higher meat prices.

Resourceful buyers are advised to buy meat in advance, while it has not increased demand. If the weekend before the holidays, a kilogram of meat can cost 160 hryvnia, then now it can be bought for 120 USD.

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Experts advise to pay attention to the appearance of meat and its smell. Freshness can be assessed by simple touch: the meat should be firm and once aligned, it should also be odour-free. If it changed color from the touch and looks matte – it is better to refrain from buying. Quality chicken meat should be without feathers and blood.

The stores need to pay attention to the shelf life of the product. If the meat is sticky, or too wet – this suggests that it has “third-rate”.

Recall that most of this year has risen fruits and vegetables. A kilo of tomatoes, cucumbers and greens is 70-100 UAH. On the price impact that all the products of the greenhouse.

Video”Warm loans” and another price increase of meat and economic news

The Finance Ministry undertook to settle the remote trade. The draft law should protect the rights of consumers during online purchases. The price of meat and meat products of domestic manufacturers continue to grow. In the state statistics service estimated in March, the most expensive of poultry for 2 and a half percent. In Ukraine will introduce new rules for the development of land and also has already earned the current program of warm loans.

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