“The house was jumping the couch”: witnesses told of heavy shelling near Svetlodarsk

“The house was jumping the couch”: witnesses told of heavy shelling near Svetlodarsk


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The military said that last week the enemy launches an attack several times a day.

Quiet moments do not relax the Ukrainian soldiers on the arc Svetlodarsk, because they already have learned from experience that the attack of the invaders may begin at any time. The idyllic picture of the shores of a local reservoir do not enter military misleading, says the story TSN.19:30.

“Well, here there is a silence, and just as quickly the battle can begin, literally instantly start arriving,” says Mat soldier with the Callsign “Tramp”. Now in Svetlodarsk parents allegedly asked not to bring children to kindergartens and not go to school. “Restless, noisy, yesterday in General was very noisy! There’s a woman in the toilet stayed in the cottage and in the house the sofa so jumped up”, – said a resident of Svetlodarsk Anna Didenko.

Video surveillance Svetlodarsk arch enemy liberally firing at Ukrainian positions

Fresh tracks from yesterday’s attacks can be seen by the inhabitants of settlements of the Luhansk and novoluhans’ke. On the arc Svetlodarsk violation of the agreements of the enemy is not confused.

TSN. 19:30

Today, 20:10

Under attack in the week was Myronivsky district, the village Lugansk, the surrounding area of Svetlodarsk and Novoluganskogo. The fragments of the amount of destruction the military suggest that falling 120-millimeter shells, which complemented the artillery of 152 mm caliber. on the Eve of the first wave of a massive attack began before seven in the morning, and the fire continued more than an hour. Already at 16:00 the day started another fire, which damaged a residential building. “The doors knocked is already screwed. The tree broke”, – conducts a tour of the destruction of his house by a local resident Lydia Sergeeva.

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Closer to the village the day before after the explosion of an enemy shell fragments to one of the local flogged feet. The soldiers say that the wounded man is not difficult, the danger to his life there.

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