“Response to provocations will be tough”: the commander of the FOS said that the Minsk agreement deprived APU of the right to self-defense

“Response to provocations will be tough”: the commander of the FOS said that the Minsk agreement deprived APU of the right to self-defense


The war in the East

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The General assured that unpunished attacks on Ukrainian positions will remain.

A new phase of hostilities in the Donbas would not mean the onset of kindling and the degree of conflict, but passively watch the fire position of the Ukrainian army will not. This is made clear to the new head of operations, General Sergei New, says the story TSN.19:30.

Reporters saw at the positions fresh traces of shelling from heavy weapons – mortars 120 mm, 152-mm cannon artillery and the like. “When the tanks work and Saushki – the main thing that disabled are not to remain,” admitted the soldier with the Callsign “Typhoon”. He says that usually the fire fighters, the Ukrainians hid and waited, when all will end, and after firing, if the position of the moving wedding Crashers, fired machine guns and waited until the staff decide to fight back at least with any caliber or not.

Video surveillance the Donbas have commenced joint operations headquarters

Now with the militants of the Russian Federation, not terrorists will be at war with the army, police and border guards. The entire territory was divided into three zones, the most dangerous red. It will not let a civilian and even journalists. They promise to improve the network of engineering and fortifications, to increase the number of surveillance cameras, and most importantly – the armed provocations in the staff promise an adequate response.

TSN. 19:30

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The commander of the joint operational staff of the armed forces Sergey Nev convinced that now things will be different, because the most valuable is the life of a soldier. “The response to such provocations will be tough and inevitable. We believe that the Minsk agreement does not deprive the joint force of the right to self-defense, to protection from fire and the actions of terrorists”, – said the officer. Within the framework of OOS commanders promise to reduce the number of posts, and set the camera to dig up more fortifications, but to release the power of Donbass is not planned. “The President of Ukraine noted that the main method of liberation of the territories is a political and diplomatic way. I have emphasized in his speech that the operation of the United forces is one of the elements to achieve a political goal,” explained New.

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Operation United forces, in contrast to ATO, is a military operation – Sergey New

In the trenches, ordinary soldiers often unaware what it means, and how to fight and at the same time to release the Donbass. They believe that with such conditions the war will go on for many years. “For four years of the war, and does not smell that the war might end. Someone is interested in the conflict continued”, – said Mat soldier with the call sign “cookie monster”. While in the headquarters building and plans a new strategy in all fields unchanged – the shelling, the wounded and dead. The war is still, as it is called, it continues to live by their own laws and regulations.

The TSN reporter Ruslan Yarmolyuk

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