Doctors saved the eye of the border guard, whose fighters were blinded by powerful laser

Doctors saved the eye of the border guard, whose fighters were blinded by powerful laser

The war in the East

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However, vision is completely restored.

The border guard Anton slowly moves. On left eye big blur, but he already sees.

“Through the binoculars I saw a flash of green, at this time I was thrown from the binoculars,” recalls Anton.

Doctors say the man was lucky, because the laser could easily burn out the crystal eyes. And on the retina will remain a big scar.

“Central vision is permanently damaged, the retinal lesions of the Central zone, damage to the nervous tissue of the retina, periferiche vision he has recovered to 100 percent,” say the doctors.

KPVV Marinka, 25 March this year. The enemy acted treacherously, and remember the soldiers first began to fire from a sniper rifle, and when the guards took binocolo to spot the sniper, turned on the laser.

“Over the enemy dugout turned on the laser, and he shoots on the perimeter and I realized, he catches all the devices and gets there” – says the military.

The militants near Marinka use laser not for the first time, in 2016, suffered from it from the tray border. The Russian media for several years boasted that the Russian army has adopted a barbaric weapon that burns your eyes.

It’s a weapon, but it can be dealt with, says the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

“To deprive a person of view – it’s such a barbaric situation. The guard brings peace; it is on the border, he looks and because of the angle of view… be deprived of this situation We will modify slightly. We will put the appropriate filters, Cutlery, glasses will be worn,” says the Minister.

All military units will be developed instructions on how to behave during a laser attack, the Minister said, but the injured guard today handed over the state award.

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