Declaration of income. The youngest Ukrainian millionaire – 7 years, and has an official billionaire

Declaration of income. The youngest Ukrainian millionaire – 7 years, and has an official billionaire



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Income over one million hryvnias declared that more than four thousand citizens.

In Ukraine there are 4063 official millionairewho declared the income for last year. The youngest of them 7 years (Cherkasy) and the oldest is 99 years old (Kyiv).

This was announced by acting Chairman of the State fiscal service Miroslav Prodan, reports the press service of the Ministry.

“Compared with the corresponding period last year, the current number of millionaires increased by 16%, or 559 people. One citizen declared an income of more than 1 billion UAH”, – said Sold.

The largest number of millionaires – 2270 – be citizens aged 45 years and above. Among the age group from 30 to 45 years – 1605 millionaires, 30 years old 188.

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Their income citizens are millionaires received in the form:

– other income (for example, an additional benefit, the interest accrued on the Deposit Bank accounts, dividends and the like) – by 9.8 billion UAH;

– foreign income – 6.2 billion UAH;

– income from operations on sale (exchange) of movable and immovable property and 3.6 billion UAH;

income from inheritance (the donation of) property – UAH 2.5 billion.

“Almost 44% of the total number of millionaires are tax accounting in Kiev in 1816. Among the leaders of the Kharkov – 299, Dnipropetrovsk – 269, Kyiv – 275 and Odessa – 207 – region”, – said Sold.

The average annual income of a Ukrainian millionaire is 8.2 million. However, in regional breakdown, the numbers vary: Volyn millionaire on average for the year was 18.4 million UAH, Donetsk region – UAH 12.2 million, of Sumy region – 11.4 million UAH, Kiev – 10.1 million UAH, Kherson – 9,9 million UAH, Kyiv region – UAH 8.6 million.



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