Beautiful and large Ukrainians alive buy the first strawberries for 100 hryvnia per kilo

Beautiful and large Ukrainians alive buy the first strawberries for 100 hryvnia per kilo


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However, experts warn that buyers do not look at those characteristics that are worthy of attention.

Strawberry captured the street trays and shelves, and the price difference ranges from 60 to 200 UAH per kilo of berries. Buyers are mostly looking for size and sparkle and wrong, in fact, the strawberries should choose according to other criteria, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Berries confidently moved the cucumbers and radishes on a background of street stalls. Passers-by stare, stop, recognize the danger of nitrates, but take the strawberries home. “We often buy. You see, it seems alive. All is well,” say the people of Kiev.

Videoexpert told the secrets of proper selection of early strawberries

Strawberry captured the street trays and shelves. The price varies from sixty to more than two hundred hryvnia per kilogram. Buyers are mainly looking for size and sparkle, what’s wrong. TSN found out how really need to pick strawberries.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:57

The farm in the Kherson region harvested the first strawberries in the open field. Farmer Michael shows berries the size of half my palm and says that business success is determined by the variety of berries. “Now do I need this big, beautiful, elegant,” he says. All a man grows ten varieties. Most strawberries still in the greenhouse – berries braided hundreds of kilometers of tubes, the entire system is controlled by computer, and the owner claims that the excess nitrate is harmful first and foremost to him, so all within norm. “Every Bush is fed the nutrition that he needs. And if to exaggerate, Bush may simply be damaged,” – says Michael.

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The chemicals in the berries on the capital market Zhitnaya journalists took to check the nitrate – he showed the same rate for berries, which vary in price three times. Specialists such devices are not trusted and say that the real analysis can only be done by laboratory. Of strawberries for 200 UAH attached the output of research, but the berries have over 80 such bills no. Buyers are guided by smell. “I bend over – feels the smell of sausages, vegetables, but strawberries do not feel,” – says nutritionist.

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According to experts, the berries should be bright, but not dark tails is not dry, but easy to break, the grain is immersed in the pulp, and if the seed sticks out and resembles a hedgehog, this strawberry is sour. And here is the form for a taste unimportant. Real strawberry season starts in two weeks – then a hothouse berries will disappear from the shelves, to cede ground.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Mitin

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