The journalists had published a photo messages from your phone Onishchenko, in which we are talking about buying votes in the Parliament

The journalists had published a photo messages from your phone Onishchenko, in which we are talking about buying votes in the Parliament



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The MP claims that he was the intermediary between the supporters of Poroshenko and Tymoshenko.

MP-fugitive Oleksandr Onishchenko allowed the journalists to photograph hundreds of messages in your phone, which allegedly referred to the voting laws in Parliament in exchange for money.

The message was published by journalists Slasti.Nfo who met Onishchenko in France.

According to correspondence in the phone of the Deputy of the fugitive, he was talking to close to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, deputies Igor Kononenko, Sergei Berezenko, as well as financial Advisor to the President Makar Pasenyuk.

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Supposedly it is through Onishchenko, the President passed on the information, what should vote, and after a positive result it was carried through the calculation. Also Onishchenko says that had the function of intermediary between Poroshenko and leader of the “Batkivschyna” Yulia Tymoshenko, at least from 2014 to 2016.

In the conversation the interlocutors used a special “language”:

Classtwo nfo

The photos from your phone Onishchenko, in particular, is seen as talked to him for the purchase of votes for different bills and asked that he agreed with Tymoshenko.

The two sides also agreed on the appointment to various government positions and the distribution of spheres of influence.


This is the screenshots of the correspondence of Alexander Onishchenko close to the President by the people’s Deputy Igor Kononenko and Sergei Berezenko,…

Published Motorevska Yevheniia on may 10, 2018.


Reporters asked all participants of correspondence about possible bribery of political opponents. Sergey Berezenko and its colleague on fraction Igor Kononenko, as well as Yulia Tymoshenko, has denied the accusations of buying the votes of the faction “Batkivshchyna”. The press service of Makar Pasenyuk generally denied the existence of the correspondence with Onishchenko urged not to spread false information.

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Journalists were handed copies of the correspondence of politicians detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine. Its head Artem Sytnik assured that “it will take into account in the framework of the production, will assess and conduct certain investigative actions”.

Videodata-fugitive Onishchenko announced the recording of a conversation allegedly involving Poroshenko

The Deputy-the fugitive Alexander Onishchenko released part of a recording of a conversation allegedly with the participation of Peter Poroshenko. Voice similar to the presidential discuss with Onishchenko agreement with the ex-Minister of ecology Mykola Zlochevsky on the closure of criminal cases against him and his business. In the presidential Administration, these records has been called “a fake.”

TSN. 16:45

19 APR, 17:12

We will remind, on Thursday, April 19, MP Oleksandr onyschenko, who is hiding outside of Ukraine from criminal prosecution, has published an audio recording of the alleged conversation with President Petro Poroshenko 2016. It mentions “Julia” and Zlochevskiy. In the presidential Administration record called fake. And NABOO has declared readiness to study film, but in the case of granting their originals.

Also a few of the MPs attended promulgated by the Deputy-the fugitive Alexander Onishchenko the afternoon of 19 April entries and shared their first impressions of the heard.

Alexander Onischenko is suspected of organizing schemes to the embezzlement of funds in the extraction and sale of natural gas in the framework of joint operation agreements with PJSC “Ukrgasdobycha”, which was caused to the state damage for the sum about 3 billion UAH.

5 July 2016 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine gave consent to bringing him to justice, detention and arrest. However, on the eve of the vote, taking advantage of the status of MP, Onishchenko left the territory of the state.

On 27 July the Prosecutor General of Ukraine signed the message on suspicion to the people’s Deputy. On 8 August he was put on the national wanted list. The people’s Deputy, the fugitive was arrested property at 700 million hryvnia.

In the beginning of 2018 Al Jazeera released the investigation, according to which the MP is a fugitive Oleksandr Onishchenko and businessman, the founder of the development company Mos City Group Pavel Fuks acquired from “medialarge”-fugitive billionaire Serhiy Kurchenko’s company, which owns 160 millions of dollars of frozen assets of former President Viktor Yanukovych.

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