Mannequin “Peter” left in the cold Russian snipers on the front line near Mariupol

Mannequin “Peter” left in the cold Russian snipers on the front line near Mariupol


The war in the East

Today, 03:22

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The military said that the attention of the enemy focused on the figure that could be seen on Ukrainian positions.

On the sea of Azov soldiers put on display occupiers enduring guardian mannequin in an army outfit. The Scarecrow from time to time trying to get the enemy sniper, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The soldiers called the fancy sister “Peter” and every time I check it for new holes. Recently sniper’s bullet hit the dummy in the place where should be the mouth. “Stopped by personnel of the Russian snipers – very well put. And now a little subsided,” – said the soldier Artyom. Only the dummy took already with a dozen bullets, and quite possibly, some of them could be alive of the defenders of Ukraine, if the enemy’s attention was not confined to “Peter.”

Videotransit military for the survey of occupants put up dummy bait Peter

On the sea of Azov our soldiers are put on display occupiers enduring time. Mannequin dressed in army clothes and from time to time, when it begins to shoot the enemy sniper, that Peter put on duty. Due to this bait could find a stash of alien shooter.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:13

Its position with the army think restless – there shot all the bags, did not survive the attacks, even concrete pillars. “Was the ANC active switches, and then two outputs of the RPG – one hit a pole that broke, and a little further down the ward broke the pole,” shows a soldier of the APU by the nickname “cook”.

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To survive the chaos of war soldiers helps not only Peter, but also planted last year oak is now the only tree with leaves in position. One of the soldiers explains that the other trees are so disfigured by shrapnel and bullets that blossom will never. Another army joy the cat “Bullet”. It does not depart from the trenches, catching mice and the first escapes from attacks. “From the beginning of the rotation with us and will be with us. She was brought out of the house, she has a boss,” says the fighter Eugene. Animal protect and otherwise cajole – even her own soldiers ‘ rations. The soldiers said that while “the Bullet” with them, the enemy’s bullets are a party, even during heavy shelling. And although everyone understands that this is prejudice, but the cat is the only animal in this position, which has survived and stuck in this hell.

The TSN reporter Ruslan Yarmolyuk

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