“They were stupid”: the military cunning detained three militants

“They were stupid”: the military cunning detained three militants


The war in the East

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The army uncovered the secret to successful operation carried out on the enemy positions.

The soldiers of the battalion “Donbass Ukraine” has revealed the details of the transaction under the settlement Golimowskiwhere detained three militants and one was liquidated. The success of the carefully prepared over a period of four days, according to a story TSN.19:30.

With the enemy position, where it all happened, the occupants were daily shot in the side of the Ukrainian locomotive. Several times our guys tried remotely to force outsiders to shut up, but in vain. “They are nightmares. Once withsmall and left. We poured, but not the way we want. Didn’t know why, but now I go and know,” – says the military with a pseudo “Aramis”. To the enemy’s positions, the army approached the evening, came close without a single shot and caught the militants off guard – they about something talked to each other and drinking. “He only came out with a weapon, and that it was ready but as at the time. He did the war was not ready – he is our senior of the group made for her – yet a little, and he would he salute”, – said the details of “Aramis”.

Videotransit the soldiers told details of detention of militants in the Donbas

Our soldiers under the settlement Golmovsky captured three militants. They told me that they have taken the documents and they are paid meager money. And for all that they have to kill the Ukrainians.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:58

Our military, like the commander, made the militants a caution for drunkenness on duty and took to the street to build. Only then admitted that he – the Ukrainian military. “They, of course, was silly like that. Well, after we began to withdraw from the dugout – this is perhaps the only one there suspected something and began to try to do something with an unloaded weapon, and was destroyed,” – said the fighter nicknamed “the Walker”.

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All the militants were undocumented and explained that passports are exempt leadership. Detainees – residents of Gorlovka and Yenakiyevo, and destroyed the gunman was a native of Russia, but he served in Ukraine “Berkut”. After Maidan he allegedly fled to the invaders in the Donbass and first worked as a taxi driver, but then went on to kill. “They are all trying to repent in the first place, that there is no work that the devil made me do, nowhere to go,” – says Ukrainian soldiers.

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On losses, the enemy understood only in the morning when I had to change positions, where he had been “gone through”. After that night, the invaders are afraid to look and shoot at the slightest movement or sound. “Yesterday I counted nine parishes of 152-caliber only, and then there are the 122nd and 120th, and infantry fighting vehicles, and LNG,” said the fighter with the Callsign “bull”.

The TSN reporter Yevgeny Agarkov

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